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flared up

flare sleeve

Accentuated sleeves are currently stealing the show, therefore if you are not already hooked up on one, you better do so. As you all know, two most times is better than one. I went ahead and paired the flared sleeve top with a flared skirt. This look literally did not require any thought whatsoever...

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black jumper

zara jumper

I recall seeing this jumper on one of the sundry fashionable folks I follow on Instagram and I virtually had a panic attack when I saw it was out of stock on Zara online. My reaction was like, why can't things work out for me, I am a good human so I am worthy of good things ha-ha it was really dramatic! The subsequent step was to visit a Zara store ...

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Culottes X ankle boots


Pairing culottes with ankle boots may seem a scary prospect since we've become accustomed to wearing them with skinny heels, but as this look proves, it definitely works. With the ankle boot trend still going strong, pull them out to pair with your culottes and don't doubt to mix things up. There seems to be no in-between when it comes to culottes, they either make you look totally...

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trench on the go


There are days I literally cannot figure out what to wear, no kidding. I am sure many of you understand exactly what I’m talking about. On days like that a trench coat is always my go to as they are always there to rescue me from fashion disaster. I usually wear it over a jean and top, a dress or even a skirt, the super-versatile and practical topper adds polish to ...

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back to basics

jean and white shirt

Hey lovelies, hope you had an amazing weekend. A shirt and jeans combination is such a versatile option for your wardrobe as it can be styled in a whole variety of ways. For today’s look I decided to pair my favorite mom jean with a white hm blouse I got for just 9€. The blouse is currently out of stock online but you might be lucky to find it in any Hm store. I have also linked...

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