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one year blog anniversary

floral print dress

I'm so delighted of how far my blog has grown over the year, it's something I hadn't projected to happen at all. I have attained thousands of page views, built great relationships with several PRs and brands and the surreal part is I've also made some amazing friends via this platform, there are too many to mention and I'm sure they know who they are. The community can honestly be such an amazing and welcoming place most of the time ....

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flared up

flare sleeve

Accentuated sleeves are currently stealing the show, therefore if you are not already hooked up on one, you better do so. As you all know, two most times is better than one. I went ahead and paired the flared sleeve top with a flared skirt. This look literally did not require any thought whatsoever...

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black jumper

zara jumper

I recall seeing this jumper on one of the sundry fashionable folks I follow on Instagram and I virtually had a panic attack when I saw it was out of stock on Zara online. My reaction was like, why can't things work out for me, I am a good human so I am worthy of good things ha-ha it was really dramatic! The subsequent step was to visit a Zara store ...

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